Beyond the Square

This is a shared gallery for our "Beyond the Square" Challenge 2012. Every participant can link up her motifs here. I'm sure we'll have an awesome collection by the end of the year! :) (read more Challenge News and join the Challenge)

If you'd like to submit an entry, please note some rules:
1) the motifs have to be from the book "Beyond the Square", please don't link up any other circles, squares, etc.
2) please link to a specific url where your motif can be found (like a specific blog post or a flickr picture), not just your main blog adress.
3) make sure you select the right category (Circles, Hexagons, Triangles, Squares or Unusual Shapes) - the categories in this gallery are the same as in the book.
4) choose a picture of a single specific motif.
5) as a description, please write "Motif # xy" with xy as the number of the motif in the book (e.g. Motif # 34 or Motif # 102).
6) If you want to link up a picture with a whole collection of different motifs, or a project made with the motifs (like a cushion, blanket, embellishment, etc.) please use the last category "Collections and Projects" (the link description is up to you).
7) If you've got any questions or suggestions, please let me know! :)





Unusual Shapes

Beyond the Square - Collections and Projects

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